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is this sex life normal

Published on December 8, 2010 by basbah

if you were married 4 yrs and your husband never was the initator in the sex dept, and soon you discovered he masturbates daily, and you have a talk about that upset you, when he never had any interest in sex, he said he didnt like sex that much, he promised to work on the masturbation, usually did this while im asleep or he is sitting watching tv, even once he did it while his football team was playing!!!! once again i asked him to go see a sex therapist with me, im feeling totally rejected, few months later he said he went to a urolgist and they said he had become so obese that the lack of blood flow left him with ED , 2 weeks later i see he is on the computer looking at web cam , with a chat roon and masturbating his heart out, i kicked him out and he said he wasnt going to stop. but he told all our and his friends that because he was IMPOTENT, I KICKED HIM TO THE CURB,, WOULD YOU HAVE DONE THE SAME????I t did hurt because no symptons before marriage, so the you go back down the road of starting over again,


If he is unwilling to work on the sex then you are left with 2 choices: 1) accept him as he is, or 2) choose not to accept it & end the marriage or possibly work out an open marriage agreement(since he isn't interested in fulfilling your needs)

That is not normal at all, and I'm sure it's left you feeling very hurt and rejected. If he is not willing to work on the issue, then you really don't have much choice. That is not a marriage! I'm sure it's tough, but do not take it personal. Your husband has issues that are not normal!

Porn its normal when u use it to better ur sex life,not to cheat on ur wife with it. watch some porn with him so he doesn hide it,have sex after.he has to realized that this is hurting u more than hurting him

Masturbation is completely normal. If your guy masturbated several times a day and was still sexually active with you...NO PROBLEM right?! However, this is not the case because your man is substituting intimacy with you, for masturbation and THAT is a deal breaker. This guy isn't being honest with you in fact he is down right disrespectful i.e. "watching football and masturbating, while you're sleeping he's next to you and masturbating, the web cam girls and chat room while masturbating, and last but not least his telling friends that you kicked him to the curb because he was impotent?" If your man is still out on the curb...I'd just leave his butt there for the time being. He needs to figure some things out, such as his intimacy issues and his lack of truthfulness! And then while he's gone...I'd go to work on some much needed ME time.

Thanks for the reply. I do feel like I was patient, and tried to be understanding long enough ,out of self respect for myself in realizing yes he was a wonderful person but some deep issues with a healthy realtionship, I divorced the man, he is 49 yrs old and has never been in a relationship with a woman other than me, so we have been apart 3 and a half years now, I was very angry and felt so betrayed , this person was at one time my best buddy,Im doinf well and ready to move on to a healthy relationship someday , I suffered and hurt a lot about this we, knew each other 15 yrs, but im better off without him ,,, he really isnt finically stable or have anything, i was the rock, for him and me, so yep the load is lighter