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Sex after we have broken up is much much better...why?

Published on January 5, 2010 by andros80

For some time I have been with my girlfriend, and although I am extremely affectionate and loving towards her, sexually I don't feel turned on before or during sex. I have been questioning for a long time whether I am ready to be in such a relationship, we're both 29, and I know my girlfriend wants a long term commitment which will evetually lead to marriage. When she agreed to break up and give me space etc, all of a sudden I felt turned on and we had really good sex. I can't understand it, why can't I feel like that when we're together as a couple.


It is entirely normal to have great sex right after you break up. The commitment and related burdens are gone, so its easier to have great sex for sex sake. Be prepared for the day she cuts you off. Its coming. And it's a normal part of a healthy breakup, too.

I actually read a really fascinating article about this subject. Sex is better after you break up because it is the last time you are going to be with that person. Also, all of the emotions running through the both of you at the same time make sex the perfect way to release all of your emotions. Anger is probably the most prominent one. I don't mean to be gross when I say that but anger can elicit or lead to many other types of feelings.