This sounds like a cop-out, and not an admission of guilt. It takes tremendous courage for someone to admit they may be a sex addict, and an honest admission usually comes along with a deep desire to change. Someone who is genuinely concerned with their out of control behavior will be searching for help, therapy, group coaching--anything. This doesn't sound like an admission, or a recognition of the pain caused. It sounds more like an excuse.

Definitely an excuse. I don't believe that the saying once a cheater always a cheater as I'm a reformed cheater; but as a reformed cheater I will tell you now that's a load of B.S. . You should give therapy a try, but if there is no admission of guilt, or a lot of "but"'s after an apology then you really need to move on. Because 99% of the time that saying is true.

Sex addiction is a problem that is probably not going to go away by itself.When somebody has the courage to admit that there is a problem; it's a good idea that they seek out therapeutic help.