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Seeking advise on long distance relationship

Published on October 3, 2010 by bluedragonfly702

New potential disaster! Met next boyfriend in April. He left my state a month later. We stayed in touch. I visited him in August. We had a fun time, and planned for me to revisit in October. He has been very busy at work, as have I. He has not responded to four e-mails, the last of which inquired further of October details. Do I.... 1. e-mail again, and risk another no-reply? 2. phone him? 3. undertake trip, and then call? 4. visit him when I get there?

He's either really busy...or really busy. I can't see him with someone else as a result. I need a vacation, and will head to his state regardless, but...???


Hello, since I had a similar situation recently I can only give u the following advice: try to reach him somehow quickly, whatever way u choose but keep it simple moneywise, don't get into real expensive stuff or payments because it might get worse. Best would be if he would come to you after a long phone call or similar. You are a person too and so you don't have to give up your time when he's not. Since he visited you once you could visit him also. I hope this will help. or let me know later. Good luck.