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Second time around

Published on November 1, 2010 by lovemeback

Second marriage.He has threated to hurt me, talks down to me when he is going through one of his mad men acts, and has stated to me that he will never take care of me. Is this a good enough reason to leave. only married one year. I feel ashamed that I refused to see the signs. but no I do. please help.


I understand that you're feeling ashamed because you didn't see the signs earlier. Seeing the signs NOW and hearing the threats NOW shows you're paying attention. Staying with him for years because you feel ashamed is not going to change his behavior. His abusive ways will only escalate.

When one threatens to hurt you, they most often follow through. Don't wait around for that to happen. It's important to get some counseling and plan your escape.

You have a choice to make. Do you want to leave and design a life of love and joy or stay with a man who threatens and abuse you?