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second time around

Published on November 19, 2013 by lilbit_country

Hello...I am very much in love with an old flame...last December we broke up...I was living in his house with ALL of his kids/grandkids...he lost his first wife after 39 years and we got together 4 years later...I wanted to move back beside my Dad who is ageing to take care of him...(fience)...yes he had asked me to marry him but when I wanted to move back home he told me if I took my stuff and left it was over...I left and within one month he asked another to marry him who he didn't know but a very short while...she told him to go back home after 2 months of marriage...(anulment)...he asked me out last weekend to just have fun and enjoy good company, no expectations...I stipulated on EITHER part...we had so much clean question is...should I remain texting him just to let him know I care or should I let him be the one to text me?...the day after our date he texted me...nothing about the date tho...he knows I love him but I am still very hurt that he threw our love away for a marriage to someone he didn't even was to spite me, I think...he is 63 and I am 56...