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Schedule sex?

Published on January 8, 2013 by beth444

Me and my bf have been together for about 11 months, i currently live with him and he's a hard worker he sometimes works 13 hour shifts, so by the time he gets off he's exhausted. Now by the time he's off he wants to just go hangout and drink with his friends and doesn't get home until 12-2 in the morning and by that time I'm sleeping. Every time I ask him when are we gonna make love he says "maybe tonight" but it never happens I feel like he's given up on seducing me or is never in the mood anymore.. I don't want to have scheduled sex I just want it to happen!!! And not when I'm half asleep! Please help me.


You will see from several articles posted on this very web site that experts say it is actually very beneficial for busy couples to schedule sex in order to make sure it actually happens. It may seem unromantic, but it makes sure you make time for it, and the anticipation of what's to come is often quite exciting in and of itself. Schedule sex often enough to ensure your minimum acceptable amount of sex is filled, then figure unscheduled sex will help add to the total (adjust the frequency of scheduled sex as needed for satisfaction)