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says she wont do anal....

Published on May 20, 2012 by justmac1

im a male almost 50 who still enjoys sex alot and recently got with a new girl everything is really great with her, i get along great with her daughter but my problem is shes never tried anal or anything kinky her husband was into plain missionary sex maybe a little doggie every once in a while and is a little uptight in bed. hardly any movement, wont tell me her turn ons, wont say when something feels good or bad... i try asking her does that feel good? or do you want to try something different? but she wont open up and when it comes to anal its NO WAY WONT EVEN TRY IT i enjoyed anal with almost every girl ive ever been with and know the you both have to want to try it, go very very slow, dont rush it. and plenty of lube... but she seems to think its messy or something. and now i feel a little like i will never get it again... yeah i guess it does sound a little selfish but like i said i have done it with most of the girls ive been with and enjoyed it a great deal and since she told me that she doesnt want to even try it seems like thats all i think about now when were in bed together. i wont ever force her to try something she doesnt want to do but at the same time thats what i want to do......its like the saying goes....YOU ALWAYS WANT WHAT YOU CANT HAVE... so im asking for a little advice. can anyone please help?


What ever happened to good old fashioned talking. You need to dialogue with her. Perhaps she is shy and inhibited. Perhaps you are not sexually compatable. You need to know who you are and share who you are. Encourage her todo the same. Be prepared to hear what you don't want to hear, be open to "No I don't want that". Respect her wishes, it counts too.

I feel for you, pal! Your girlfriend sounds like a duplicate of my wife in all ways except that our bone of contention is oral. We knew about this before we got married, but she said she'd "get comfortable with it" once we married. That was 20 years ago, and she has yet to get comfortable with it - nothing happening (and don't even talk about it). If this is something you don't want to do without, ditch her, because she's not going to change.