that he wana have sex with u some guys say same words to seduce the girl to get what they want(sex)so be careful dont fall for him so quick.

He might truly feel like he really enjoys being with you, but this early on, no one can tell if a dating partner is "love material." Move cautiously as this could just be talk to woo you into bed. I'd also be cautious around anyone who says they can fall in love that easily or quickly. Keep it light and platonic and and take at least 6-8 weeks to really get to know him--that's about the time frame when people get over the "early dating honeymoon period" and start to show their true colors. If he's the real deal, you'll certainly know by then--if he's not, he wont' want to stick around for you to discover if he's genuine or not.

Although it is quite possible that he has developed strong feelings for you in a short amount of time, it is more realistic that he is confusing infatuation with love. Love is an emotion that is developed over time and involves getting to know one another beyond what is known as the 'honeymoon dating stage', which generally lasts two to three months.

As with any new budding relationship, take it slow. Some people truly do fall in love at first sight. However, the reality is that any emotional involvement takes time, commitment and dedication. It also takes both parties being on the same page and sharing similar emotions.

You may want to take the initiative and tell him that you are enjoying getting to know him and want to take things slowly to see where the relationship goes.

After time you will begin to know if this is someone you could fall in love with, too.

Good luck!

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