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Revisiting a relationship

Published on November 29, 2013 by jrsygrl33

I recently got back together with a guy I had dated for six months prior. I broke up with him because he did not seem to want to move further along with the relationship, as far as introducing him to my kids, he refused and not wanting me around his, even after six months. We are both divorced quite a bit of years now and are in our fourties. I know exactly what I'm looking for and he knew I wanted to mesh our families and get closer but he would continue to put on the breaks. He would say we were in a serious thing and call me his girlfriend but then would not allow me to put up a picture of us in his room! So I got tired of it and tired of being uninvited to his family functions, etc. But after three months apart I really began to miss him and realize my love for him was not going away. Aside from his commitment fears he is a really great guy and treated me very well so I reached back out. I asked him out for a drink. He turned the drink into dinner at "our" place we always use to go and then the date turned into a weekend and felt like we never broke up! I was elated I was so happy we were back together, so I thought. At the end of the weekend I said to him, "I am so happy we are back together". He said, "We're back together?" I could have died. He basically said why do we need a title we are dating let's take it slow. It has now been two months and we have been getting closer and then he takes a step back, closer then a step back, it's driving me crazy! I told him I do not share so I can't do this if he wants to date other people. He asured me there were no others and I do believe him because I know him to be very honest but I'm also very jaded and I'm starting to wonder. He has told me he does not want a relationship or a girlfriend right now like three times but yet he talks to me every day, he calls me babe and his girl and we see eachother every week. He did not invite me for Thanksgiving though even knowing I would be alone but then he just invited me out to dinner with his mom for her birthday? Im really confused with these mixed messages. I did not come back for him to be aloof and unavailable for a relationship. I don't know how to handle this. I love him very much and don't want to be with someone else but am I wasting my time with this man as I thought originally?