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Published on January 26, 2013 by hbchipper1

My question is regarding how my boyfriend has dealt with another women. Another women he has flirted with in person and via text is married. When we started dating he cooled down the flirting. She didn't like it. When she asked and his response was he was with me she said, "Well I know you would be with me if I wasn't married instead of her". All he did was smile and walk a way. After ignoring her for a while to appease me he has told me he wants to go back to being friends with her. I said that's fine. You should talk to whom ever you want to, but I do hope you confront her on her comment and let her know where you stand. That if it is not true that you need to tell her that before continuing a friendship. If it is true....well then I should move on lol. He cannot see my point and refuses to talk to her. In fact telling him my feelings on this makes him so angry he had to leave our home and go for a drive. How do I handle this? I do not feel like he is respecting me if he cannot remedy the situation with this girl in a manner that I think is appropriately needed.