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Published on January 2, 2013 by carpleo

I have a boyfriend that has been living with me since May with his kids, they are 14 & 10! My kids are off one in college one in USCG married and had my first granbaby. I feel like i have aaccomplished raising my kids as a single mother very well. Now i have two new children in the house, both very sweet and both very lazy!! I brought my children up to be self sufficient adults and i sit back and aaych his parenting skills, no dicipline! I am seriously on my last option?? Neither of the two girls clean after themselves nor can they clean their own room, when they leave to go to the moms house both room are messy and dirty laundry everywhere! I say please have them clean up after themselfes ( for me that does not mean for him to do it) !! Disney channell totaly annoys me after 3 hours, hello?? Oh and today just another day on our way to beach, we run into one on her way to my house, we chanfe plans, wich is fine, but than i say call the other so we know when she is ready to be picked up. So he does and she says in 30 min, he asks me and i say you ned to tell her now or when we are finished with our plans, he says no il just pick her up when shes ready. So confused seems like i am never going to get anywhere in this relationship. Why is it so hard for him to make rules?? Please help??