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Relationship - what to do

Published on August 17, 2013 by nlove1987

My partner and I are expecting a baby. He hasn't got enough time for me now. But he has 3 other children. One lives with us full time and has autism which is hard enough on its own. But he has 2 little ones who he's been given by there mother 2 nights a week and 3 days each week. I have asked my partner to compromise and have them one night a week and two days. I don't see this to be a unfair compromise but he won't agree and now isn't talking to me. What would you do


Ask yourself this question, if the worst happens, and you guys split after you have your baby, what would you want the custody agreement to be?

For me, I would want the father of my child to have an equal share in my childs upbringing, and would expect him to want the same.

I understand that it's hard for you, I know from experience that it's difficult to raise a step child, especially when it come between your relationship. You know that your partner had three children before you got serious, so you can't expect him to change his attitudes and affection towards them, because he has another baby on the way.

I agree with MissCarr. This is a time when you need attention, true, but you have to remember that children, his and yours, will always have to come first. It’s just the nature of parenthood. Make up with your partner and let him know that you've been feeling a little neglected, but don’t want his kids out of your life (that probably hurt him pretty badly). Good luck.