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relationship naive

Published on April 3, 2012 by arhuez

I am very naive when it comes to relationships, I have not had a long term relationship yet. I was raised in a very protective home, and while I was teenager, I was not allowed to date. Now, I am 27, and I have dated a few guys, and I have realized that I'm still very naive. I don't know how to strength a relationship in order to have a long term one. What can I do to stop being so naive, and keep the attention of the right guy?


When I was in school they used to say "look it up." If you don't understand, do the research.

How are your friendships with other women? Are you the kind of person who is a good companion? It sounds like you are very shy. That's okay. (Read the new bestselling book, [HTML_REMOVED]Quiet[HTML_REMOVED] to find out why that's a very good trait.)

Women are marrying much older now. So you have time. Have you finished your education? Are you in a job that interests you?

Some of the best boyfriends are guys who started as platonic friends. My recommendation (if you're not already doing it) is finding a club or sport or volunteer group where you all have the same interests and hang out together.

Love happens naturally. You cannot manipulate a man into loving you.

Thanks! I'm not sure if can define myself as a geek. I had a scholarship to go to college and I studied abroad. Then I finished my MBA last year! So far, I have a really good job and do well! Growing up, I used to have more female friends and few guy friends! Now that I am older, I notice that I get more attention from guys. I don't consider myself bad looking, but every time a cute guy comes along and tries to have a conversation (on a social setting), I usually act very shy, and I don't know how to send the right signals with confidence, so I can show that I am really interested in the other person! It's so funny, but at parties, (when I have a few drinks) I manage to become more social and relaxed around guys, but obviously I want to have that confidence without the need of having a previous drink! I really need some guidance to overcome my shy personality and portrait myself as a more confident woman in front of a guy!

A good way to subtly show a guy you're interested if he speaks to you is to compliment him. Tell him you like his shirt. If there's a band playing, ask him what he thinks about the band. Have casual, non-intrusive questions ready ahead of time. While in conversation, touch his arm. Practice conversing with old people at the grocery store. The more you do something, the better you'll get. If you want a long term relationship, take it slow. Hold off sleeping with a man until he's asked you out at least one or two months. Don't go to each other's homes at the beginning. If a man's patient, it's more likely he wants a long term relationship, if things continue to go well. Good luck.

I hope you get an opportunity to read the book, [HTML_REMOVED]Quiet[HTML_REMOVED], the [HTML_REMOVED]New York Times[HTML_REMOVED] best seller about the strengths of being a shy, reserved person. There are many situations where those traits are a benefit. Best wishes.