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Relationship changes

Published on June 3, 2010 by sharebeauty

I have dating someone for almost 5 months. He just started a new job 30 days ago and I moved into a new home in that same period. He has been making statements about not being sure if he is ready to be in a relationship and how he doesn't feel he is being the partner he wants to be for me. He then will state how much he loves me and how deep his connection with me has become, although I have noticed his affection is starting to get less and less often. I have tried to give him as much room as possible and am wondering if this is possibly his way of working it out in his head? Should I just be asking questions?


Hi Sharebeauty,

I understand how you feel. It sounds like you care for your boyfriend and want the relationship to succeed but you're not clear on how he feels.

It is possible for him to both love you and not be ready for a relationship.

I think the best thing you can do is communicate how his behavior is making you feel without judgment.

You also need to respect his feelings and be willing to give him space or even end the relationship if that's not something he is ready for.

For your own peace of mind and clarity, you should demand a clear answer on how he feels and what he wants from you. He does owe you that much.

Best of luck!