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relationship advice

Published on October 14, 2010 by lmay0001

hi i'm 22m and been in a relationship for 2.8 years, basically my relationship is gr8 in the weekends or when we go out ect... i see her beautiful when she dresses up nicely and i say WOW. however during the week after university ect... its not always gr8 sotimes i am really attracted to her and at other times its just normal.

sometimes i also see other girls as attractive is it normal to see other women attractive? but as i said when we meet again we sort of talk somtimes i feel very connected and other times i dont dunno lo i guess it can be my mood.


All relationships have ebbs and flows. I suspect that your sweetheart would also say that there are times when she finds you more attractive and interesting than other times. It's perfectly normal to notice other attractive people and that's no threat to your relationship unless you act on the attraction.

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Best, Shela