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Relationship advice?!

Published on November 12, 2013 by megan722

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for about a month. We just started to have sex recently. He told me originally that he's only had sex once and it was with a random girl at a party a few years ago. Then recently he said he's still only had it once but with his ex girlfriend. Two things:

Is having sex this early on (less than a month) too early and detrimental?

Should I press him about his "mix up"? Am I over reacting or is he truly lying to me?

I'm just so confused...


The big questions to answer are 1.) how well do you know him and 2.) what kind of relationship do you want with him. To me, one month is not enough time to get to know someone. Others may be different. It's one thing to have sexual chemistry and hit off, but another thing entirely to have a loving relationship. It seems like you want to know where the relationship is headed if you stay with him. I would talk with him about what you want in the relationship since you both are moving forward and having sex. Be prepared for anything though, this is always a touchy subject because you put your heart out there to be either embraced or crushed.

I will say this. The past doesn't matter even though it can offer you insight into the man he is. Men lie for a number of reasons or bend the truth because it hurts to talk about it or they don't want their women to think less of them. The most important thing is the present and future of the relationship. I would concentrate on what he is doing when he is with you and how he works on the relationship. Good luck. There is no easy way to go about this except trial and error. Unless you put your heart out there and take a chance, you will never find love. It's is a craps shoot.