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Published on May 13, 2014 by maudril

I have this friend of 10 years. We have this deep connection with each other expecially when we kiss. It seems that every time we want to go ahead with this relationship something happens and it never happens. He has a child and i want to know is this good, although the mother is in the picture. We never had sex and it almost happened. Maybe I am making excuses for the reality but please assist? Thanks


If this relationship goes ahead you will need to take into account his child and the fact that the mother is in the picture. He comes with this "package". It is not about whether it is good or bad, but about how much you are willing to taken on. He is not separate from his child and the child is not separate from his/her mother, so you will be dealing with them, if the relationship moves forward. That is something you need to consider in deciding whether you want the relationship to go forward or not.

You've had multiple opportunities to change to an intimate relationship but it doesn't happen. Are you afraid? Is he afraid? It's understandable if you're reluctant to trade in a well-established friendship for something unsure. The next opportunity, if things just seem a little off (assuming you don't get interrupted), "draw" large figure 8's (in the air) from you to him and back again. Figure 8's help your energies "talk" to each other so you're both in synch emotionally and physically. There's a reason Figure 8 represents Infinity. It could help you take that next step, or it could help you both see what's in the way. If you're afraid it'll look silly, do it in your mind. You can also use this for other relationship challenges in your life, e.g. someone you don't get along with.

To help you accept his family, use the figure 8's between yourself and his child, even the mother - that would be a gift to you all. For other simple aids to move forward and increase your joy in life, go to

Julie M Lappin, EEM-AP. Faculty, Eden Energy Medicine,