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Published on January 5, 2010 by nautica

well am 29 and i have not had a man in about 3 years. i do get lonely sometime, i mean all the time. i just feel desperate when i am talking to a nice looking guy. and what i mean by that is i sometime wonder if this is the one for me that i will grow old with. is that normal. i know that i need to go out more to meet different guys, so they can at less get to know me. but i do not go out to places where they are men that am interesting in. all i do is go to work, home, and sometime shopping in causal clothes that am comforable in. but it like they do not see me. men just look right pass me. am not the type that go up to a man first. so should i do that. to me that looks desperate and i do not want the men to think that of me. what can i do to better my dating style?


Hi! Please do not despair... it makes things worse! You see, I was married for 28 yrs (I am 58) and my husband left me for a 41 yr old. I was alone for 4 yrs. This yr I have two men who love me. I had to leave the first one since he was married. The one I have now is my son's friend (38 yrs old) - I look much younger like 48yrs. I just asked this site a question 5 min ago. You can read it under my site name and see the details. You are quite young!! Do not despair. Get yourself as pretty as you can get, smile and visit clubs, public places, parks. If you think you are desirable, you will be to others, too, especially men.