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Published on February 24, 2013 by olivia4eva101

I recently got in a bad situation where i met a guy through another guy. I was essentially cheating on the first guy and wanted to be with the second. So lets call the second guy "Bob". So bob and I started dating and its only been a week. I thought he was over his old gf cuz he broke up with her before we dated. Then last night he tells me he is getting back with his ex. And this crushed me because I fell for him and I really like him. I know he cares for me, I just don't get why he did it. Why he picked her and he can't pick me. I need help.


This is a tricky situation, Olivia. If a guy (or chick) still has a place in his heart for an ex, your relationship won't work until he gets over it. She'll be swimming around in the back of his head until he is reminded, in no uncertain terms, why they don't work. And, if for some crazy reason, they do work, you're better off letting him go. It's like lending someone $20 and never seeing them again, it was probably worth it. It's a shame that you lost the previous thing to be with Bob but chances are that the thing with pre-Bob probably was boring to you, so good riddance. Contrary to popular sentiment, there are a lot of adequate fellas out there if you keep your head up. Good luck and don't go chasing waterfalls.

You are a cheater and you are toxic. Bob knows this. You will never have a real relationship with him. You could change your life and stop being toxic. The odds are that you won't do that. Your next best step is to give me your phone number, because I love toxic women. However, you won't have a relationship with me, either.