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reconnect with her

Published on June 15, 2013 by kevino

Hello, I have been chatting for almost 2 years with a lovely girl. First it was just fun, later it became more serious and we made plans to meet. Because of different things we had to delay several times the meet up to last spring instead of the summer. But then she said she doesn't want to meet me anymore because she sees me only as friend! I made a mistake by trying to convince her to meet and give it a try! When I realized that this didn't made her change her mind I told her not to have contact anymore! I thought she would miss me. By having no contact I also thought that we can make later a kind of a new start. Now almost 2 months later I tried to talk with her on skype but she didn't answered me. The first time maybe because she was suprised by it! People in my surrounding would say forget her but I can't. I've read once this quote "Never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about". And even I met other girls but still I think about her eveyrday! So indeed i don;t give up before I at least haven't done anything i could. I have changed in the last weeks but without having contact with her I can't show her! I need some advise how I can make her reconnect with me! If she didn't wnat to talk anymore she would ahd block me at skype and another site where we had contact, or is this a wrogn thought of me? Thanks for the help, Kevin