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Recent Seperation 3 weeks ago.

Published on October 12, 2013 by baileyx2

Hello, My name is Carlton Bailey. I was previously engaged to a woman that I have had a good relationship for the past 9 years. We were due to get married next summer. She is 43 years old and has been experiencing Pre-menopauseal symptoms for the past 6-10 months. Several weeks ago, she suddenly decided to end the relationship as we were looking fo a bigger home to rent due to lack of closet space and a bath tub for her in our master. She rented the house behind my back and was the initiator of the break up. We have always had a strong love and bond for each other. With in the last month we were still having good sex,as it has been less frequent, we averaged about 6-8 times a month. I feel due to her weight gain, not feeling sexy, and lack of libido along with the pre menopausal symptoms frequency of sex has lagged. We have always been very loving toward each other. We never speak to each other in a disrespectful way not are we violent physically or verbally. I did loos a job over the sumer for serveral months but was still able to maintain amm my responsibilities to pay my share of the bills, continueing the yardwork and maitaining the pool. With in the past year, My fiances's step father died, my mother died one month after, Our step daughter who is very needy and demanding has since stopped going to school last year due to her weight and is very insecure with herself (apperance). She enrolled in virtual school early last year and has not kept up with her studies. She still has yet to finish the 9th grade. Her mother is very needy since loosing her husband and demand quite a bit of time to help manage bills and help with computer work. My fiance manages a 100 room hotel with a faling management company and just had a sizable increase on health benefits. Julie has a lot of stress and demands on her with all of these variables. I,as a man have consitantly maintained my share of the responsibilities and bills. I cotinue to communicate with the children, that are not mine by birth. I have been with these children since they were 3 and 5. They do not have a relationship with thier birth father at all. I still love this woman and the children very much. I have been seperated for three weeks. I have rented an apartment several miles from her home and have recently started my new job. I work in Hotel Management and she does too. I still love this woman very much and I do feel she still loves me. Due to the stress of a sick child, a demanding job,me loosing my job,and the stress of the demand from her mother has pushed her to the limit. I have always tried to comfort her and ensure the house an dinner is made when she comes home in effort to make it easier for her. If there has been any challenges on my end the past year, it has been that I at times get irritable, some what snappy, and have delt with mild depression symptoms that I feel has effected the relationship. I have started to address my depression symptoms by excersize and diet shortly after our seperation. I am feeling better and am still quite sad and lonley from the seperation. I love this woman more than anyone I have ever loved and she has said the same. Understanding she made the decision to end the relationship; I respected the fact that she needed her and I to let go for now. I love her and the children dearly. I will contine to communicate with the children weekly unlike thier real father. Please advise on what I should do these next several weeks or couple of months in effort to hopefully reconcile at some point? I do know reconciliation may not be possible now. But I do have hopes for the future.