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Receiving Roses

Published on August 1, 2012 by impulse27

I am in a relationship with a lady who received roses from a man who she help learn a dance step as a thank you. 1)to me a card would have been better instead of roses (red/white) which are signs on romantic interest. 2)this lady should never accept the flowers


I think you're really over-thinking this. She just accepted them to be nice. She's not going to throw them down in his face and say, "get lost." Obviously, this guy has a thing for her. However, you shouldn't be too worried unless he's a threat to you. It's just some guy in a dance class. Does she see him outside of dance class?

You can't control what other people think is appropriate or how they behave. What you can control is if you stay in a relationship or leave. If she is faithful, kind, and meets all of your main needs, stay. If she is flirtatious with other men, leads them on and doesn't set boundaries, leave.

Different people say "Thank you" in different ways. This seems harmless. If the guy does intend something other than thanks, your lady will set him straight.