Rebound relationships can provide a temporary band-aid or distraction to the feelings you may have about a break-up, but because they are a distraction, you may not have the clarity to truly assess if the relationship is the best fit for you. However, if you keep things light and allow yourself to truly discover if the person and relationship is truly a match for a deeper relationship, rebound friendships can indeed turn into true love and longer lasting relationship.

Rebound relationships are used as band-aids; they cover up the last relationship but they do not make the pain go away. When you end up dating someone right after their serious relationship, they are not always going to put in 100 % of their effort because there's the chance they are still thinking of their ex; who wants to be in a relationship with someone who is still thinking about someone else? The best advice I could give is to be with someone who has not been in a serious relationship for the past three months because that is more than enough time for them to heal. You can also tell if you are the rebound if the person you are dating keep mentioning their ex. Good luck and be careful about rebounding!

Be clear about why you are in the relationship and what you expect. Be clear about why the other person is in the relationship and what s/he expects. Is the "rebound" relationship serving you and that person? That's the question and only you two can answer that. Each of you must answer that for yourself.