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Is this real or what?

Published on July 5, 2010 by rayfisher

I met this girl 4 years ago.Two strangers we work in the same store just two different companies.We became social even though she has a boyfriend.She is top notch! 1.she took a promotion to another store I was the only person who knew.2.she came in the store with her boyfriend (he had a broke leg) he's walked a longer route even though they were side by side and she waited to speak"I'm still getting in your way' by the time he gets there she telling me her new store,where,etc3.I don't bother to see her for a season before I go talk to her in the mall ( I give her a run down of projects career moves and what not) laugh talk about the latest before I leave she say's keep me informed with your progress.

I am focused on working overseas which may factor in interest I would think and the fact she is out of my league but I like the challenge and she keeps it going

What do I do? It's like wedding crasher secnerio and I'm owen wilson


I feel you! I like a taken guy and he flirts back as well ! Its confusing as hell huh!?!? umm i think there is nothing wrong in tellin her how you feel.. right? There would be nothing wrong with telling someone how you feel. Just don't act on it! I would say not every relationship lasts forever, BUT its not fair for you to be waiting around.