Well,it sounds to me like a nice way of saying he doesn't really love you,he's just using you. First off,you shouldn't move in with a man PERIOD unless he's your husband. Secondly,do you really want a guy who says "I'm quite fond of you" instead of "I love you". Trust me,God has better in mind for you than this. Move on. You'll be in my prayers.

It could be that his feelings aren't as strong as yours. When we were dating, I was fond of my wife. Over time, it developed into love. It sounds like the two of you are at different emotional stages.

If you are thinking of marriage, at some point, you should bring up the subject (if you haven't already) and find out his opinions on the subject.

I think it could mean that he doesn't really understand how he feels and isn't willing to say love yet, but that he does certainly like you. It depends on how you feel about moving in with him after hearing this. Some people want a big commitment, other people are comfortable with less of a commitment. Good luck!

I think asking is a good way to go. Unfortunately, you're going to feel weird about asking him to say "I love you" and you mayn't believe him if you strong-arm him into saying so. Not to beat this into the ground but there are many love languages. Does he show you he loves you with the things he does? Moving in is a pretty big move and if you're uncomfortable with the tempo of the relationship, it's only going to bug you more by holding onto it.