Hi Claire,

Firstly I'm a guy, so I can't quite answer the question but I can say that I've had an issue like this with my partner. I really didn't like it when she spoke about 'other relationships'. It actually got quite bad for a while until I spoke with her about it.

We agreed that actually it was in the past, and those experiences led to us meeting. So it can't all be that bad. My advice, talk it out, say how you feel explain that he might need to make you feel a little more loved.

Hope that helps

i think hes insecure in the bedroom------there is a old saying when the fox cannot reach the grapes he tells others they were not ripe.---try this tell him how awsome he is in bed.maybe thats why he telling u those things----alex

I have tried to talk with him about it& all he dies I laugh or tells Me I'm being a cry baby about it. Then when we go out together & he sees a pretty girl he'll say oh I'd fuck the shit out of her, I'll let her suck my dick or I bet I could get her number! Even if I ignore him he finds it's so funny to do these things. It's honestly starting to make Me not want to have a sex life with him. So today I sat him down& told him all the issue I have with him doing these things& that it makes Me not want to have sex with him: his response " that's bullshit, your being a pussy"!!!

Oh no, I've tried different ways of handling this one being I tell him how great he is in bed.....he then will say things like I bet I could get that girl to show Me her boobs, I'd let that girl suck my dick, I'd fuck her.. Ect. Even with he pretending I don't hear him or see him flirt with others he still keeps it up.