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pretty or smart?

Published on September 8, 2010 by some_guy

If a woman is physically attractive she has no personality or a terrible personality. if a woman has a personality she is not physically attractive or less physically attractive.


Is it because during the years a pretty girl is supposed to be developing her personality she gets "celebrity treatment" from horny stupid guys or anyone and everyone while the less attractive girls actually have to socialize and develop social skills?

Where are the physically and mentally attractive women?


if you want to find a super model brainiac the ou should look in another galaxy... you sound like all boys smart and sexy.... there is atractive intelligent women just need to look harder, they are usually taken or will be quickly or opposite.

Well... maybe you are looking in the wrong places or looking for the wrong kind of woman. Each person is beautiful and worthy in his and her own way. Maybe you should try looking at the individual and appreciate who a person is! Good luck!