Dear vithub92,

If you REALLY want to ensure you won't get pregnant, other than abstaining from sex, it is best to use birth control pills and condoms. It's easy to not get pregnant if you really don't want to. But that involves taking all of the appropriate and responsible actions to prevent the pregnancy and staying on top of it the entire time you engage in sexual activity.

Make sure you both get STD checks before engaging in sex. Be sure that you both understand how birth control works (most of the time if you are on the pill, you have to be on it for 2 months consistently before you can really rely on it, and you must be responsible with the pill too! Don't miss any days ever, and take it as directed). Sometimes people have to try a few different BC pills before they find one that really suits their system.

But if you really want to be sure, use both. But Condoms and BC are much cheaper than Children.

Please have sex responsibly and thank you for doing your homework first.