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Please Help I don't know what to do!!

Published on May 22, 2011 by itssteffersbaby

So my boyfriend and I have been extremely unhappy so he thought a break would be good for us, because all the presure of having the lable boyfriend and girlfriend can affect a relationship, which makes no sense to me because there wasn't ever any presure on him or me. He says that he's not going to see anyone else and I do believe him because well he had a hard time getting girls. He says that he'll still be in my life forever and what not and that he'll never say goodbye because he doesn't want to lose me, but a break the problem is is that we haven't seen each other in over a month and he thinks that being apart will make it better, but we already live and hour and ten minutes apart, how much more space does he need? Mean I understand that this is his first real relationship, but he thinks a break will fix our relationship because that's what his friends did and work, but I'm a little uncertain about it. What exactly is a break??????


The goal of dating should be to find someone who is compatible with you, and to see if a partner will treat you well in the long run. If you both are very unhappy it probably means you're incompatible or you both have poor communication skills, or don't know how to treat another person properly, etc. You don't say why you're both unhappy, so I can't advise whether or not you should stay together or not. Love is never enough. People's main needs, need to be met. If you two are incompatible, maybe it's best that you move on.

A break means a break up. He's coming up with a lot of excuses, and this is what guys do when they want a "break." When and if he's ready to get back together, he will let you know. But if he genuinely wanted to work on the relationship, he would work on your problems now and not distance himself from them even further. It's just best to consider this a break up for now and move on.

He likes the security of having you in the background but isn't ready for a serious committed relationship. He hasn't had many girlfriends. He isn't sure what he wants. Don't make him think that you will be waiting around for him while he decides what to do? You have to ask yourself if you really like him that much or you just want to be in a relationship with somebody. Seriously, you deserve more atttention than that.

I agree with peachy he just wants to make sure he has a back up if needed and as my wife and I say that true love is like you are suffocating when your apart for even a moment and its not needing a break