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phone calls

Published on July 1, 2010 by arpi101

My boyfriend who is studying for the bar , whom i have been dating for about 5 months doesnt really call me that often or text. Usually he just calls at the end of the night (if we dont see each other). Now, he was never much of a phone person even before he started studying for the bar exam. He confessed his love to me after 2 months of us dating but that was when he was drunk and he states he doesnt remember anything from that night. I didnt tell him that i loved him back because at the time i didnt. i felt it was too early. So , after that he has never said that he loves me but he talks about the future. My question is , if he doesnt call or text throughout the day, does it mean he doesnt care about me?


When a man wants a woman, he will do whatever he has to do to make it known to her how he feels.

If he wants sex from you, he makes it known, right? If he wants a future with you, then he should be expressing his feelings for you.