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People tell me I'm the ideal woman. Why am I still single?

Published on April 6, 2010 by mixedbeautifully

I'm 27, educated, not bad on the eyes, down to earth, I have goals, easy to talk to, funny... But in relationships I get effed over and have been single for 2 years. I've only been on one date... This is sad. I need answers. I want to get married and don't even have a prospect.


Hey, so sorry to hear about fewer dates... i am sure its a big bummer...Now don't be too sad, the good thing is that you are asking the question, but what would be perfect is if you can ask that question to a guy friend in real life because he would know more about you as a full person. I mean, I or others can try to answer your question but all we have to go off of is your written words, which are not what a date/prospect would use when looking at you.

As a general advice I would however say that try to be more feminine in how your dress, talk, walk etc.. See, the thing is guys love to hangout with a girl who dress like em and is all buddy-buddy, coz guys feel comfortable with her and in her company. But when it comes to love interest we look for a female through and through... not a female who looks and acts like a man. I know thats the worst thing I can tell you in this PC world, but thats the real answer from a man.

Good luck, and yes, do find a good guy friend and ask for his real answer, not the PC answer

Girl, I'm gonna be 38 years old in a few months, and I'm still single! As you can see from my pic, I'm not an ugly woman. I'm very well-educated and I think I'm a fun date. I haven't had a date in, god, probably 3 years! And the last 5 guys I dated were married, which is a whole other story. It's depressing to see so many ugly/fat/stupid people that I went to high school with being MARRIED! I totally empathize. I have had to come to terms that I'm never gonna wear the white dress and walk down the aisle, and it DOES kill me inside to think that no one wants to be with me. Unfortunately, when you get to be my age, the chances of your finding a mate become in the single digit percentages. I can't offer any advice because I'm in the same boat. But, I empathize with you 100%.

Hey Rosie. Even though we're single and it feels like there is no hope. Don't loose it. As corny as it sounds, believe it. I do. I just don't understand what's taking so long. You're beautiful girl! And still young! He'll be here before you know it.