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parents rejecting marriage

Published on September 14, 2013 by apal

hi..i was dating dis guy for 9months.i am 22 and he is 27.we met in office and he was mi senior.i was an intern in dat mnc...he was interested in me and out of the blue we ended up in relation..we had faced breakup before.i was overcoming mi past breakup which included me almost getting pregnent(i doubted dat i was pregnent with mi xbfs baby but luckily no abortion but stil i had adream dat i have baby and den dat nqby dying inside me...all soo bad)so as dis new guy came into life he started changing stuff.he proposed me knowing all abt da past and he always respected me and treared me as aprincess...but pbs started as both of our family rejected our relation as we are from diff community...he brokeoff as he cannot leave his parents..i realy love him and want him back...wat i do...pls help?