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Overbearing/Protective Mother Ruining Relationships?

Published on February 6, 2010 by alexalexalex

In a nutshell:

  1. I am 20. In college.
  2. I come from a VERY conservative and protective hispanic home.
  3. My boyfriend is 24.

  4. My mother is so protective, he can only come see me at my home, and she is doing her best to try and make us frustrated enough to call it quits.

  5. We have plans to get married, as soon as I graduate and he recieves his Master's, which will be in the winter of 2011.

Help! Anyone have any advice?


Have you spoken with your parents about your plans to be married? Also, why is there no formal engagement? Have you asked your mom why she doesn't like him? What was her response?

It's a tough situation. You don't want to disrespect your mother, but it is your life and you need to be able to live it. Have you thought of moving out on your own? Her house, her rules, but you aren't a child anymore. You're a 20 year-old adult and you're capable of making your own decisions. Try talking to her first. Telling her how she's negatively affecting your life (not just your relationship). See if she's willing to give you some space. Regardless, you're 20, you can go out when you want.