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Over six years dating and now he wants kids- I don't. Now what?

Published on February 27, 2013 by vami

I have recently run into a hard situation with my current boyfriend, that has left me after the argument on thin ice. I'm still completely uncertain if I will be able to make it work, given the much improvement that needs to be done, but the main situation that wont just 'be fixed' over time is the kid situation.

We started dating when he was sixteen and I had just turned seventeen and we knew each other a far lot longer. I have been preaching the fact that I never want kids from the beginning and at the time he wasnt really thinking on the situation, as we were both quite young. Well, I'm 23 now and he is 22. He knows he doesnt want to have kids 'right now' but knows his paternal clock is beginning to tick. Mine, however, is broken. I still feel as strongly about not wanting kids as I did before. In fact, I can honestly say I hate kids and the idea of having one (although her mentioned 2 or 3) is absolutely terrifying. I don't want them, but I don't want to loose my boyfriend ether, although I'm fairly uncertain there could ever be a common ground in this.