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Oral Sex

Published on March 5, 2013 by reese33

I really wanna please my man with oral sex because he really loves it. I just get nervous when he about to cum in my mouth. I wanna show him that i can take it when he cum and show him i enjoy when he does. I guess my question to you is How can I find thing to enjoy the cum? because every time i try it always make me throw up.


Well there are a few things you can do, one of these suggestions I got from a porn star who I had interviewed on my radio show. She stated that when the man was about to cum she would press his penis to the pack of the inside of her tongue stopping it from going down her throat and not tasting it, then it just comes out of the side, a little messy but it does the trick. Another way is to use a deep throat spray or have him cum in the back of your throat. Sometimes in the morning on an empty stomach it can cause nauseousness as well, so eat some food first. Hope those tips helped.