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Online relationship

Published on February 16, 2013 by graziella91

I really want to know if a guy I met online loves me or not. I know him since October 2010 and at that time we were texting on twitter everyday until December. I unfollowed him, then followed him again on April because I got upset that he did not text me on the christmas break. I am from a very conservative society, I saw him twice only because he volunteered in a charity market that I planned at my school. He is older than me about 7 years. Since April 2011 and he texts me whenever he feels upset, or happy or talks about technology. On my birthday he wrote on my facebook wall at the morning though he doesn't like facebook! Also, one time we were chatting at night and out of no where he told me that he was listening to "Can you feel the love tonight". He stod by my side a lot when I had exams or presentations. The thing that I am confused about, that one I told him that someone proposed to me and I don't want to get marry while studying, he told me like it can eb fine if you are both considering each other. Note that I never confess to him, neither him. Please help me :( He is the only guy I really loved.