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online dating phone conversations.

Published on July 7, 2012 by twilfits

Typically I never judged guys who called (from online dating sites) and within 5-10 minutes set up the time/day/place and sa id goodbye. Hey, maybe they're busy, or not 'phone' people. Generally, they don't write more than 1-2 sentences. With neither form of communication, it really is a BLIND date. I've found that they're superficial; not engaging on any level. When I read '....I prefer talking to writing...' or '....let's chat..' (without  writing)  I offer my number but 9-10 they don't have anything to say.

So I've cancelled these dates. Wondering has anyone else had similiar experiences and have they made similiar determinations?


It's difficult to make a blanket statement on why they want to meet so quickly. Many people have been burned in online dating because they invested weeks of chatting, only to discover that the person they met face to face was completely different. Another, more sinister reason, is they want a quick hookup and don't want to take the time for preliminaries.