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okay. im torn between two guys what do i do?

Published on June 2, 2010 by ronee chamberlin

okay i dated this guy for about a year and a half. We broke up because i found him calling his ex everynight before i went to sleep, then later caught him with her kissing. Meanwhile while we were broke up, i met this amazing guy. Soon i began dating him. later my ex came back and wanted me back. i soon went back, and have been back and fourth between the two for a while now.. one of them im more attracted to emotionally but very little sexually and physically. The other im very attracted to physically and sexually but havent had the time to get the emotional part as much as i'd like. im tired of fumbling. someone help!!


It sounds to me like you prefer the other guy to the person you was with for 1 and a half years due to him cheating on you.

It is never a good idea to take someone back after cheating, even if the cheating was only minor, and seen as though your stuck between the two I think you need to realise who you prefer the most and who you see yourself being with full-time.

I assume this new man is the one your not emotionally in tact with, and that part comes much later, I think you should end it with the first partner and go fro it with the new relationship, the start of a new relationship is always exciting and this one sounds like ti has better promises than the first as it allows a new start.