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Ok so i have not posted anything yet so here it is.....

Published on October 6, 2010 by play_dgirl

I want to know if anyone out there has cheated or is cheating on the other half? Is it bad if you do or have and don't feel bad at all about it? I mean the sex is so good and it is making it better at home but i really don't feel gulity or bad at all... I know i should what is wrong with me????


Sounds like you feel bad for not feeling bad about cheating on someone. I think a lot of people don't feel guilty about cheating on their spouses. They feel guilty about not feeling anything at all. Or they convince themselves that its actually good for their relationship because their happier. I think if you have to go outside of your relationship to find happiest its something wrong with the core of the foundation you built with your spouse. Maybe, you should ask yourself what is it that's not making you happy with that person alone. Do some soul searching and you'll be fine.

I am currently having an affair with a co-worker. It has been about 1 1/2 years. We had a fight and ended it after 6 months. I had never had my heart broken until he ended that relationship. I made myself sick over it. We did not talk for 3 months. Then he appologized and we are back having our affair. I too do not feel guilty because when things are great it is great. But...The stress I have is an emotional rollercoaster that I feel I am on with this guy. One minute everything is great between us then everything stops....then the cycle repeats itself. I find that I want him over my husband and the stress of him backing off is more than I can take sometimes. He too is married and has made it perfectly clear that he has no intent on leaving his wife, which is fine with me. But, I think that when we start to get too close--he gets scared that he is having feelings for me and backs off. This is the only explaination I can give myself when he is this way. I know he watches me at work, flirts, etc..But I think he is afraid he will start getting feelings for me. He is 31 and I am 46. I am not planning on ended what I am doing anytime soon. As the sex is great, the fooling around is great. I just wish it was more often. I'm afraid to say too much to him, as I do not want him to be upset and end it again. It was way too painful the last time. I would love to get your input on my relationship. Good luck with yours and enjoy and be careful, as you have a lot to loose if you get caught.