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Nude photos of your spouse or partner?

Published on July 23, 2009 by happyhornyhusband

My wife has never let me take revealing photos of her. She recently went out of town with my daughter and her parents and allowed me, without me asking, to take a nude photo of her. I was and still am shocked she gave me this gift. I have since deleted it from my phone and have it hidden on a thumbdrive in a safe place, I want nobody seing my wife naked but me. Is it normal to have nude photos of your partner? I think it is sexy and shows trust. I would rather see a picture of her naked and pleasure myself than to see a picture of another naked woman like a model or porno star.


Thats great for you! I personally find no fault with the practice and also enjoy it very much, but I understand how some people have concerns over such images being put up on the internet after a bad break-up or a fight. Its great that she not only trusts you completely but is also still so playful!

It is AWESOME! Keep it safe from prying eyes and maybe reciprocate by giving her something to get her hot when she's not with you.

Now that she's surprised YOU, maybe you can return the favor?! Some couples have professional, tasteful sessions with a professional photographer so they have something special when the other is not around. The big thing is keeping it in a safe place & should you break up, that the pics don't end up online! =)

This may seem unnecessary, but don't let it be any where your kids can potentially see it at all. But you probably know that.