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The Notebook movie

Published on January 2, 2010 by crazyfly

What is it about the 'The Notebook' movie that single women like it so much? Every woman I've dated in the last few years have always wanted to at least see 'the notebook' together. I am an equal opportunity dater (lol) so likeness for notebook sure is universal. But why?? What is it thats in the movie for girls that they like so much but a guy is really not seeing?

If you are a girl who loves this movie, please help me understand why you like it so much? and when you see it with your guy, what is it that you want the guy to see in this movie from a girl's perspective? Thank you!


Because it is a romantic movie. I think also it is a subtle hint that they owuld like to be treated like how the lady was, and they would like the level of intimacy and trust that was shared between the 2 characters.

Basically, they want to cuddle up to you and share a romantic movie, whilst also hoping/wishing that you will act like the guy in the movie. :P