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Not knowing what to do anymore..?

Published on January 1, 2013 by lena1221

I have been dating my boyfriend for over 3 months now.. but my ex kinda popped into our relationship just a tad.. My ex and i dated for over a year and a half and im still not over him and it's been 8 months. :/ Just recentlly, i had my birthday and i turned 15. My ex texted me happy birthday and over my Christmas break, he said merry christmas and he hopes that i have a good break. Ever since then.. all my feelings for him came back and thats all i can think him! My current boyfriend and i have started having problems and we're about to break up. i just miss my ex but he has a girlfriend and they already did 'it' but its weird because i catch him staring at me all the i know he's not over me. I'm really in a dilema and i dont know how to get out. I would love to have my ex back but he has a gf and i'm afraid to text him because i don't want to get hurt by what he says.. any ideas that could help me?! Just need to know what to do so i can get on with my life and be happy.. Thanks! :)