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Normal for bf to friend random hot girls on facebook?

Published on February 9, 2011 by foxier0xy

I am a pretty secure person and don't get jealous, but thanks to facebook newsfeed updates, it always shows up that he friend requests ~10 hot new girls and models per week (random women from random places) and always "likes" and comments on their photos (these photos are usually the ones with them half naked or boobs sticking into the camera). I am never suspicious or get insecure, but these newsfeed updates just keep popping up and get me wondering. I know that guys like to test a girl's reaction to see if they're jealous and that they are visual, but I just wondered if this was just the new era of google imaging pictures of models and if it's a guy thing - just thought it was weird to friend hot strangers on facebook even though you're in a relationship. Also, it gives the appearance that he's always searching for something hotter, or the perfect body, but can never get it. I trust him, but I just was wondering if this is even worth confronting him about.


It seems like an odd hobby. But first, does the relationship feel the same, do you feel he is committed to you. I guess it could be worse, it could be porn. Is he a superficial guy? Do you feel he is attracted to you? I guess you can find security in knowing he is looking at women he has no realistic chance in developing a relationship, so it is safe. You could ask him what he thinks is sexy, and if he finds models sexy and why. I wouldn't call him out on his new hobby per say, just try to get to know him more personally. Perhaps you could do some sort of role play and pretend you are the hot model and he is the photographer to spice up your sex life, and give him some sort of fulfillment.

You need to be careful. He may or may not have a wondering eye. The "Liking" their photos is a negative to me. When I was 13 years old, I had a boyfriend who had a hot chick on his desktop. It didn't bother me much, but if it gets to the point where he is commenting how HOT they are, there is no doubt that is someone comes by whom he thinks is better, he will no doubt jump for the opportunity to cheat. You should confront him about how you feel. If I were in your place, I would wonder if I am good enough for him.

Cmon now. Isnt it obvious to you? Searching for hot girls on the internet who you can friend isnt something that a faithful guy needs to do. I can only imagine if I did this on a regular basis and my wife saw. I would never hear the end of it. He is looking and its obvious. If he friends someone and then writes on her wall, you would never know. Eventually it will lead to something with someone. Trading pictures and then wall posts. Gotta wake up and smell the coffee. Someone who is faithful wouldnt be doing what your bf is doing. This is not acceptable.
I thoroughly disagree with Macy, but hey its just one mans opinion.

Personally I think it is weird and I would wonder too if I am good enough and if someone better looking than I would come around if he wouldn't kick me to the curb. Regardless whether or not you are jealous or not this seems pretty disrespectful to me and frankly why would any woman want to be involved with a man that wants to make his significant other jealous? I've been there, done that and it was shoved down my throat. I would not do that to my mate and I would expect the same respect. Personally I think it is disrespectful. Foxieroxy, you have a healthy relationship with a man that doesn't need for his girlfriend to show jealousy to boost his ego. It isn't right. Just sayin......

Men and women do enjoy photos for various reasons. Best NOT to confront about this causing it to become a Big deal. As you stated there are no perfect bodies and there are no one perfect body to all men(or women). There is appreciation of beauty and great composition. There is the curiosity about the opposite sex. Best to let this pass with out comment and keep the peace for your self as well.