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No sex in more than a month

Published on January 7, 2012 by kukyelric

So I'm 8 weeks pregnant (he wanted the pregnancy) , I always wanna have some (A LOT NOT JUST SOME) but my boyfriend he just wont come near me, he said its because i have a baby inside (really its like the size of a bean) not even going south action NOTHING aaaah but he keeps watching p**n every single night. I dress the way he likes walk around in my birth st and nothing he wont look at me he keeps playing on the computer, I told him about this ... its like i didnt say anything and now hes been making plans to see this girl that turns out t be his biggest crush because "SHES REALLY H0T" ... thats what he said to me about her WTF. and he lets his boss flirt with him and talk shit about me "he doesnt want to lose his job" and he asks me to be xtra nice to her!


Either terminate the pregnancy or get ready to be a single mom. This guy's a loser. Dump him.

Run, don't walk, away from this man.

When you say HE wanted the pregnancy, did he suggest starting a family? Do you think he wanted to "seal the deal" and ensure you wouldn't be walking away anytime soon by adding a baby into the mix?

I'm sure there are some redeeming qualities to this man if you've decided to procreate with him, but what I'm reading is this: Disrespectful. Disloyal. And possibly dishonest.

You and your baby deserve better. Get out of there, mama.

That is exactly how i feel now the sad part is that i lost my baby on monday :( i was texting him all night long that i had to go to the er and he never answer i went to the er by my self (on a bus) when i got home he "thought" i was teasing him he didn't believe me :( he was working xtra hours and then he went to his friends house to drink. I spend the night alone

I am sorry to hear that you lost the baby. However, this may have been the best thing for you. Leave now and don't start a family until you are married. At least you know that the guy you marry will be serious about commitment (hopefully).