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no sex???

Published on November 10, 2013 by jennaj

I have been in a three month relationship with my boyfriend. At first he was romantic always willing to be intimate. Since last month he has not wanted to do anything with me. We have argued about it. I told him i just want some romance back, but everytime he has an excuse like, an old injury is acting up, his stomach hurts or he doesnt want to get bored with too much. Its been a month and i try to play with him but he starts complaining about not feeling well when he was joking and playing with the kids earlier. Could he be cheating?


Yes, he could be cheating. But before you jump to conclusions, I would get more evidence to support your belief before you accuse him of anything.

It's only been 3 months and not everyone is wired for sex all the time. This is a huge fallacy that women believe. Contrary to myth, men aren't able to have sex, all the time at any moment of the day. They suffer from fatigue, stress and emotional upsets that affect their libido. Most relationships start off with sex hot and heavy and it naturally tapers off. This is quite normal and nothing to be alarmed over. I would talk to him first, calmly, not accusatory and not angrily. Just express your concern to him in a non-confrontational manner. This won't put him on the defensive. If you still feel like something else is going on, I would do some investigating to see if you actually find anything solid to really believe he's going outside the relationship before you make any accusations. If you come up empty then you know you were way off base. If you suspect he's already cheating on you after 3 months, there's got to be other reasons to make you suspect, and it's never a good sign. Listen to your intuition. It may just be a red flag that this relationship isn't right. If there's no real evidence, you've got to start trusting in the relationship flow.

-YourTango Expert

You need to talk to him. Guys don't have to be cheating to be lose interest in sex. His answers might surprise you.

Maybe you could romance him for a change. It doesn't have to be something physical like sex. I guess what I'm saying is this: When was the last time you did something nice and sexy for him? When guys do all the work in a relationship, sometimes it becomes a chore and we get frustrated. Making dinner or surprising him with some stimulation other than you may spark his interest again. What does he love to do? If you facilitate something he loves to do or something he wants, then he may respond in kind. Sometimes women forget that romance is a two way street and its really the little things that are the most important. Sex is nice, but sometimes we need space and enjoy things that have nothing to do with our significant others.