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No compliments anymore....

Published on March 17, 2013 by kristy elizabeth

What can I do to get my guy to give up a compliment once in a while? I have told him several times that I need to hear once in a while that I look nice. He use to tell me I looked hot, etc. sometimes, but not really anymore. After telling him a few times that I need to hear it sometimes with no results, not really even a compliment if I get a hair cut unless I ask, which as he pointed out last time, doesn't really mean anything, still no change. Today I offered to change my hair color, hair cut, lose some weight (I am about 10 pounds heavy after winter) or any other suggestion he had for me, but he just got upset and said he likes me how I am. He was upset until I apologized. Is there anything else I can do? I'm totally open to suggestions here.


You and your guy both need to read Gary Chapman's "The Five Love Languages". Your big "language" seems to be "Words of Affirmation", but it doesn't seem to come naturally or easily to him (hence, it stopped once he was no longer putting a conscience effort into it). Read the book and see if your guy IS expressing his love for you, but is using a different "language", such as "Acts of Service", or "Quality Time" (not surprisingly, "Physical Touch" is a major language for guys).

Likewise, he needs to read the book and understand that you really do need to recieve his expressions of love in your "language". Otherwise, it's like him saying "I love you" in French when all you understand is Russian - wasted effort.