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new/old relationship

Published on July 6, 2013 by geminidmn

a man and I who dated 30 yrs ago reconnected (mutually) we spoke on the phone shortly after we reconnected and he spoke a lot about the past our relationship, why he left, what he did in the past 30 yrs and thoughts he had about another male friend who he said liked me back then. I made plans to spend a few days with him next month. Now, I told him I was getting something on my return from vacation, he messaged me telling me what I should get and when I told him that was it how did u know he said he was falling in love with me once, some other stuff and that I guess he knows me better than I thought. i told him i had no idea he felt that way until now. i don't know if he wants to see if there is anything still there, i put him through a lot with my feelings from my last 27yr relationship which ended 10 mos ago, i almost canceled the trip, i got worried he was changing his mind but this was all my insecurity and he just told me no worries he understood. then he told me about his life and how he sometimes needs to be alone after a hard day and he raises 2 boys alone. how should i approach this to find out what this meeting is about and how he feels about me (us) or if i should?


No matter what you choose you will always think what if. So what I would do in your situation is go for the one I feel i would regret not knowing the most. You will never get anywhere without taking some risks. hope this helps.

but just go with it and see what happens, i mean if he said he was falling in love with me then do u think he is trying to see if there is anything still there now?

yeah I do maybe there wont be but at least you will know. So will he you have to take leaps in life otherwise you never get anywhere personally i would if i was in your shoes.