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New Relationship Fizzling Out?

Published on May 19, 2013 by shananagan

I just met the man of my dreams and actually fell in love for the first time..but it seems to be fizzling out on his side even though he shows me it is not Confusing I know! It's just the little things he's stopped. No more texting me at night or calls, not wanting to see me all the time like he used too. I am admitting to the fact that I'm a needy person, but am trying very hard to not be that person . I don't want to lose him! He's the best.thing.that's ever happened to me and don't want to ever cause him to leave me.


He may be detecting your neediness. You need to be aware of a push-pull dynamic. The more pushing you do, the more pulling away he will do. He may not even be aware he is doing this. Normally, communication does wane over time, don't panic. Most important, for your own self esteem, try to work on your own self reliance. Fill yourself up with your own interests. Spend more time doing the things you enjoy and if you don't know what that is, FIND IT! You will notice you will be less needy and in the long run, more secure. You will also become a better person to hang out with.