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New relationship

Published on March 15, 2014 by active1

I would love some advice on this situation.

I've been on 4 dates with this guy the first two were dinner at a lovely restaurant and he gave me a kiss on the cheek goodnight, then the next was a night in watching movies and we went for a walk around the park had take-away which he bought over. We didn't kiss but there was a definite chemistry, and once again gave me a kiss on the cheek goodnight. He however sometimes does take a day to text back and originally it was very specific just to organise things, so I was rather confused at this point, I'd never had a guy not try kiss me on a second date. And with the average texting. He did however tell me the next day he'd had a lovely time and a good end to a busy week. Since that date he has got a bit better with the texting and our 3rd date was just a casual drink then we came back to my house we kissed and everything and he clearly wanted more but didn't try anything. For our last date I went around and he cooked for me and then we just watched some tv and he had to work early in the morning so he said he was really tired and was indicating it was the end of the night and said if you want to stay you can stay, I wasn't 100% sure about this so didn't really answer so then he said well I do have to get up really early so maybe we can have a full night next wk and was like I really have to go to bed. And I sort of felt a little fobbed off however yes he was tired. I just don't know how into me he actually is. We kissed and everything but he just seemed he wasn't as into it as the previous date and was really just focused on going to bed. It was 1 o'clock in the end and yes he was tired but I would think being tired wouldn't usually take such an effect. My other issue is I'm a bit of a smart ass as in jokes and being funny am I'm worried I might be pushing it too far.

Not sure how I should handle this whole thing, I've never dated a guy like this and I don't know if I should just now wait until he messages me or what. We won't be seeing each other for a week as he will be away and then I'm away and I wish I just knew where I stood. But guess it's a but early to ask what his actually interested in.